The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD), which opened in 2015, is the Middle East’s first low-energy building in the education space, consuming one-third of the energy of standard buildings across the region.

The school, which received the region’s first Minergie Certificate, is a breakthrough in the creation of sustainable standards. Swiss Minergie label, which awards low-energy buildings, is thought to substantially improve the comfort and productivity of occupants at commercially viable costs compared to traditional construction techniques.

Lighting plays a consequent part in the Minergie label, SWITCH MADE provided the eco-friendly campus with energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

This marks a true international collaboration between SISD in Dubai, which brings Swiss excellence in education, and SWITCH MADE, a French company, to redefine the education sector by pioneering a new eco-friendly school campus that benefits student well-being.

Having delivered LED lighting solutions for the first three phases of the school, SWITCH MADE is now supplying 2,200 light fittings that are currently being installed as part of the fourth phase. Earlier, in the first phase, SWITCH MADE provided 2,500 LED fittings and over 1.5 km of LED linear solutions. In the second phase, 1,300 luminaires were supplied, and in the third, over 2,800 luminaires and more than 500 meters of linear solutions. SWITCH MADE’s LED lighting solutions and on-ground technical support were a perfect fit for the school, ensuring high lighting efficiency, excellent color rendering and aesthetic shapes, thus meeting the criteria for enhanced student-wellness as well as high levels of energy efficiency. The key challenge for SWITCH MADE was to meet the standards set by MINERGIE in terms of wattage consumption, while delivering on the design concept. The recommended LED lighting solutions met the requirements, outlined by the lighting designer, which calculated the amount of daylight received at various times of the day during different seasons of the year to determine the optimal artificial lighting needed.