Discreet, sleek and ultra-thin innovative linear recessed flush mounting luminaire.


Discreet, sleek and ultra-thin innovative linear recessed flush mounting luminaire for floor/ground/wall and ceiling installation, designed to enhance architectural features and facades, ultimate control of glare, available in two different widths and lengths, 316L SS outer trim, 7mm thick step tempered glass, die-casting aluminium radiator with powder coating, achieve the products superior adhesion and corrosion resistance, the static load resistance of 3000Kg, optional 24Vdc models also available.

3000K 6 x 2 W 980 lm EXT07205-30K
4000K 1020 lm EXT07205-40K



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100% LED Technology

By proposing 100% LED Solutions for your projects, SWITCH MADE is a real partner for natural environment protection. By being a partner with Recylum, Switch Made respects the environment!

We commit on:

  • High quality LED chips and drivers
  • Integral respect of normative conformity with the CE label (European)
  • The availability of our entire catalog assortment in short delivery of time
  • A 3 – 5 years’ warranty for all our solutions (inclusive of driver)
  • GREEN BUILDING Label (with 1 LEED Platinum, 1 LEED Gold & Minergie-Eco labeled projects completed in the last 4 years)
  • An excellent Price/Value ratio

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