STILLA 3 – 7 – 10

LED indoor/semi-outdoor rated compact recessed downlight with discreet design, for accent lighting application, die-cast aluminum body, various beam options, deep recessed optic reducing the glare level, IP rated gland, requires remote driver, best suitable for use in saunas, spas hammam, swimming pool areas, fitness centers, recreational centers.


Stilla 3

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K3W256 lmINT03044
3000K3W264 lmINT03045
4000K3W278 lmINT03046


Stilla 7

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K7W520 lmINT03047
3000K7W546 lmINT03048
4000K7W574 lmINT03049


Stilla 10

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K10W850 lmINT03051
3000K10W765 lmINT03052
4000K10W680 lmINT03053
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