French Efficiency Cluster Members Presenting to DAEP How Their Solutions Can Contribute in the Passenger Experience for AL MAKTOUM International Airport

SWITCH MADE, a proud member of the French Efficiency Cluster presented to the Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects team how its lighting solutions will contribute to creating the ULTIMATE passenger experience.

For its sheer magnitude, its use of the latest and smartest technologies, its ambitious goals of sustainability and legacy, Al Maktoum International Airport is an iconic and structuring project that offers our companies a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills and their expertise.

With the Embassy’s active support, a dozen of French Companies joined hands to elaborate an integrated approach, creating added value by combining their expertise and their innovative solutions, to provide a coherent and competitive offer.

Further to the publication of the “French team Al Maktoum International Airport” catalog, handed in November 2014 by the French Ambassador to the highest officials in charge of the project, we were able to identify and implement their clusters in strategic sectors, under a single banner: “French Efficiency”.

The first cluster on Energy Efficiency included a dozen companies active across the entire energy value chain, it released a brochure and held an official presentation in April 2015.

A second cluster dedicated to ICT and SAS, showcases a wide range of innovative solutions leading to a safe, efficient and cutting edge smart airport.

The cluster introduced in this brochure will take you on a journey through the whole Passenger Experience, highlighting what French companies can bring in order for you to achieve the most ambitious KPIs, and meet your expectations of making AMIA a destination on its own.


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