Word from the CEO

SWITCH MADE represents what we believe to be the future of lighting.

LED technology has shaken the world of lighting, and new stakeholders have come into the picture, strongly challenging the conventional market leaders over the last decade.

We have taken this opportunity at the right time and most importantly, with the right angle to offer something different to our customers.

We claim to be one of the first “Hybrid Lighting Manufacturer” in the world.

We maintain and develop our strategy within our accurate positioning. We believe that this is one of the most important keys to success.

We always proudly defended our image of an “alternative” brand, and we challenged many times the specifications made by the best in our field. By providing fine-tuning value engineering work we reach outstanding results, rendering; which is all that matters at the end.

We rely on a strong team of talents.

Our international state-of-mind, and multicultural environment, added to talented people contribute largely to Switch Made’s constant growth and success. Because once again, selling products is far different than undertaking large scale, highly complex lighting projects.

Last but not least, “we do what we say, and we say what we do”.

Commitment is essential and we have made winstrol before and after female it the foundation of our business model. It might sound easy to state, but few corporations are properly working on how to fix problems when they show up, and deliver to succeed.


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