Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai

We are thrilled to share that SWITCH MADE Group is selected to manufacture tailored indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for the complete Luxembourg Pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai.

Switch Made Group was able to manufacture energy-efficient bespoke lighting solutions that matched the specific lighting requirements of the eccentric architecture of Luxembourg Pavilion: Möbius strip, in which a twisted and folded ribbon has no beginning and no end.

The Luxembourg Pavilion itself is articulated towards the idea of “Resourceful Luxembourg”, a position that strives to promote Luxembourg’s economy, tourism, and culture to offer an unforgettable experience to its visitors. The same notion resonates with SWITCH MADE Group’s objectives to provide innovative and bespoke lighting solutions to different clients across the globe.

We are very proud to become a part of the successful completion of the Luxembourg Pavilion at the #Expo2020Dubai.


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