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Opera Gallery - Atlantis The Royal

Atlantis The Royal, Dubai

Opera Gallery Dubai’s newest location at Atlantis The Royal now offers visitors a world-class art viewing experience, thanks to their partnership with Switch Made Group. The bespoke lighting design and luminaires provided by Switch Made Group have elevated the overall aesthetic of the gallery, enhancing the beauty of the artworks on display and creating a unique ambience within the space. Switch Made’s innovative lighting solutions bring out the details and colours of each painting, making the viewing experience more immersive and memorable.

This collaboration is a testament to the shared commitment of Opera Gallery and Switch Made Group to delivering exceptional luxury and quality to their customers. This project has enabled Opera Gallery Dubai to offer an unparalleled experience to art enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring they can enjoy each artwork’s beauty and craftsmanship uniquely and unforgettably. If you’re looking for an extraordinary art viewing experience, make sure to visit the newest location of Opera Gallery Dubai and discover how Switch Made Light has made the gallery experience even better.

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