Kalou 180

High-end outdoor projector for dynamic illumination of facades, adopting isolated two bodies design to achieve separate heat dissipation fully ensuring stability and long lifespan of LED, with 180 high power LEDs, high-pressure die-casting aluminium body, stainless steel screws, high strength 6mm toughened and glass with 93% light transmittance, extremely narrow beam angle of 2.60, anti-glare shield options, optional RGBW 4 in 1 with beam option of 80, 250 and 100×450.


Color temp. Led QTY. Power Lumens Code
2700K 180 pcs. 600W 45120 lm EXT04021
3000K 180 pcs. 600W 48000 lm EXT04022
4000K 180 pcs. 600W 49920 lm EXT04023
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