Chain of LED modules with different wattage ranges, encapsulated housing with IP65/IP67 rated protection ensures it as a robust, versatile, durable and reliable solution for the illumination of advertising, signage, LED backlighting applications, consistent illumination, modules are connected with flexible cables, easy to install and shape to fit, with double adhesive tape on the back and provision to screw on to the surface, can be used for outdoor environment conditions within enclosed light boxes.


LED Module 1

Color temp.Power / ModuleLumens / ModuleCode
2700K1.2 W/m100 lmEXT11001
3000K1.2 W/m110 lmEXT11002
4000K1.2 W/m115 lmEXT11003


LED Module 2

Color temp.Power / ModuleLumens / ModuleCode
2700K2 W/m140 lmEXT11004
3000K2 W/m145 lmEXT11005
4000K2 W/m150 lmEXT11006


LED Module 3

Color temp.Power / ModuleLumens / ModuleCode
2700K3 W/m285 lmEXT11007
3000K3 W/m300 lmEXT11008
4000K3 W/m315 lmEXT11009


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