Well finished SMD high power LED downlight, semi deep recessed optic ensures very low glare rating, equipped with excellent luminous performing SMD LED, uniformly diffused light emission though milky diffuser with optional wattage consumption, body made extruded aluminium, best quality/performance and price positioning, better heat dissipation, isolated driver, available in higher CRI>95.


Pop 15

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 15W 1290 lm INT05139
4000K 15W 1350 lm INT05140
5000K 15W 1400 lm INT05141


Pop 30

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 30W 2600 lm INT05142
4000K 30W 2700 lm INT05143
5000K 30W 2850 lm INT05144


Pop 40

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 40W 3540 lm INT05145
4000K 40W 3600 lm INT05146
5000K 40W 3780 lm INT05147
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