Compact deep recessed IP44 downlight, die-cast aluminium body for better heat dissipation, vortex and convective thermal management technology, elegant design, UGR<15 low glare optics, accurate light distribution with high efficient CREE COB LED, remote driver.


Shuttle 12

Color temp.PowerCRILumensDimensionCode
2700K12W80+1060 lm90D x 88HINT05106
3000K12W80+1100 lm90D x 88HINT05107
4000K12W80+1140 lm90D x 88HINT05108


Shuttle 20

Color temp.PowerCRILumensDimensionCode
2700K20W80+1780 lm115D x 118HINT05109
3000K20W80+1880 lm115D x 118HINT05110
4000K20W80+1920 lm115D x 118HINT05111


Shuttle 30

Color temp.PowerCRILumensDimensionCode
2700K30W80+2670 lm140D x 145HINT05112
3000K30W80+2760 lm140D x 145HINT05113
4000K30W80+2880 lm140D x 145HINT05114


Shuttle 40

Color temp.PowerCRILumensDimensionCode
2700K40W80+3520 lm165D x 160HINT05115
3000K40W80+3720 lm165D x 145HINT05116
4000K40W80+3840 lm165D x 160HINT05117



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