Shallow deep recessed spot light makes discrete appearance, efficient ambient and accent lighting solution, designed to enhance architectural space, suitable for illuminating hotel rooms, private homes and shop interiors, wide choice of optics ensure utmost efficiency and excellent visual comfort, combined with a vast multitude of reflector finishes, recessed installation in false ceiling with 1-30mm thickness, aluminium alloy body, PMMA lens, passive heat dissipation, remote driver with lesser dimension than the cutout hole dia.


SWAT 3-1

Color temp. Power CRI Lumens Code
2700K 1W 90+ 72 lm INT10000
3000K 1W 90+ 80 lm INT10001
4000K 1W 90+ 88 lm INT10002


SWAT 3-3

Color temp. Power CRI Lumens Code
2700K 3W 90+ 192 lm INT02030
3000K 3W 90+ 216lm INT02031
4000K 3W 90+ 240 lm INT02032


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