High efficient LED highbay solution, high efficient and reliable LED chip, longer life span with the help of die-cast aluminium heat sink and higher heat resistance ability, good thermostability, anti-aging performance and sealing effect, ADC12 aluminium alloy body, tempered glass diffuser, stainless steel screws, suspended/surface mounted/adjustable bracket mounting options, optional dimming and sensor controls.


THEOS Compact 100

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 100W 12000 lm IND08042
4000K 100W 12500 lm IND08041
5000K 100W 13000 lm IND08040


THEOS Compact 150

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 150W 18000 lm IND08045
4000K 150W 18750 lm IND08044
5000K 150W 19500 lm IND08043


THEOS Compact 200

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 200W  4000 lm IND08048
4000K 200W 25000 lm IND08047
5000K 200W 26000 lm IND08046
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