High-quality professional roadway lighting fixture, powerful curved design helps airflow and enhance heat dissipation, blends high performance optics and uniform light distribution, elegant form factor, aluminium alloy housing, powder coated, stainless steel screws, for mounting height of 8-12m, superior uniformity and temperature stability, self-cleaning and tool free opening, optional power ranges of 30W, 50W, 90W and 180W also available.



Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 70 W 8820 lm EXT13044
4000K 70 W 9100 lm EXT13043
5000K 70 W 9310 lm EXT13042


URBO 120

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 120 W 15120 lm EXT13047
4000K 120 W 15600 lm EXT13046
5000K 120 W 15960 lm EXT13045


URBO 150

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 150 W 18000 lm EXT13058
4000K 150 W 18750 lm EXT13057
5000K 150 W 19500 lm EXT13056


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