Our Documentations

Hybrid Lighting Manufacturer, as presented in our documentation – available here to download as a digital copy.

Corporate Profile 2023

Explore a world of innovative lighting design, advanced lighting technologies, and an expanded array of Switch Made projects that we take pride in showcasing our journey, values, and achievements.

Success Story Book V3 2022

As a Hybrid Lighting Manufacturer, We fulfil projects all over the world with efficient lighting and carefully coordinated lighting solutions. Discover our full-spectrum projects all over the world that use our state-of-the-art lighting solutions. 

Interactive LED Guide 2022

With SWITCH MADE’s new edition of the interactive catalogue, experience the convenience of browsing a wide range of our products wherever you are and whatever device you are using without the need for an internet connection.


Introducing the latest series of LED luminaires from SWITCH MADE Group, CELESTIA. Inspired by celestial beauty, this series features an exquisite form of elegance and innovative design.