Private Villa – Al Safa, Dubai, UAE

Switch Made has successfully completed this luxurious residential villa situated in Dubai. Switch Made has spiced it up to make its indoors and outdoors more attractive with the IOTA/PIKI installed throughout in the backyard, IP68 NOA series for the swimming pool, and many. All entirely fixed to add vibrancy and deliver a new and improved appearance to the whole Villa!

Private Villa – Al Safa, Dubai, UAE

SWITCH MADE has been awarded to supply lighting for a private villa in Al Safa. Located in Al Safa, the idea of this Villa is to show an innovative and modern wooden concept. ThereforeSWITCH MADE provided its best quality product: The BlackMoon. Due to its very high quality, this light in GoldFinish matches perfectly with the contemporary wooden concept. For the living room and the Kitchen, the client wanted slim & modern design pendant lights

Private Villa – Al Barsha 2, Dubai, UAE

Indoor and outdoor lighting are both deemed indispensable to any home nowadays as the variety of lighting can create a significant diversity on many levels, from the appearance of the house to energy efficiency. Simply adding light fittings into the existing architecture of a house can enhance its overall appearance and even its effectiveness.

Private Villa – Arabian Ranches, Dubai, UAE

The interior and exterior design of a home, depending on how it is illuminated, can contribute to the improvement of its overall appearance: accentuation downlight to heighten specific space or features, linear luminaires to highlight the voids and empty spaces in the ceiling, dimmable warm lights for a warm and cozy effect, and vivid lights for general illumination schemes.

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