Private Villa

Al Barsha 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Indoor and outdoor lighting are both deemed indispensable to any home nowadays as the variety of lighting can create a significant diversity on many levels, from the appearance of the house to energy efficiency. Simply adding light fittings into the existing architecture of a house can enhance its overall appearance and even its effectiveness.

A wide range of SWITCH MADE lights with excellent visual comfort presents this Private Villa in Dubai, UAE a different cozy atmosphere. Upon entry into the villa, people will be greeted by a mini garden space flooded with ground-recessed lights that illuminate the concrete walls, the plants in the garden, and the property fence. Looking outside from the main living room, the full-glass panels enable the homeowner to enjoy a nice view of the outdoor swimming pool lighted up with Switch Made’s IP-rated luminaires. Inside the house; a wide variety of LED downlights with wide-angle beams are installed in the ceiling for fixed accentuation and general illumination purposes. These LED downlights with symmetrical and adjustable beam light distribution also illuminate the rest of the areas in the house such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

To complete the whole interior lighting design, linear profile luminaires are fitted in the recessed spaces in the ceiling for aesthetic and indirect lighting designs, and a series of LED track lights are fitted in the specific areas of the house to emphasize fascinating art pieces by the homeowner.

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