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The Church of Crest-Voland

Crest-Voland, France

The church of Crest-Voland, which is dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady, was built between 1863 and 1866 on the site of the old 16th-century church.

The neo-Gothic style church has a single nave with three spans, separated by granite pillars, and a large, low-built chancel. The church features prehistoric stained glass windows that were installed in 1913; the bright colours of the paintings inside and the altars are made from white Carrare marble. The bell tower houses a collection of ten bells that ring regularly every day.

The illumination plan laid out by the SWITCH MADE Group for the church of Crest-Voland interpreted the idea that the church should primarily radiate from the inside out.

The light from within the structure was also a part of the exterior lighting and had to be blended with the original architecture accordingly. SWITCH MADE ZETA series’ symmetrical light distribution materialised the scene portrayed in each stained glass window. For the broad lighting, the warm illumination from Switch Made’s projector lights emphasises the astonishing beauty of this historical site and monument.

SWITCH MADE LIGO 7 releases a striking electric blue light on the church steeple to highlight a cool scene when staring at the church from a distance while the spire was illuminated by SWITCH MADE projector lights.

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