Specially designed qualitative-smoothly curved reflector ensure better visual comfort.

Blackmoon 14 R ADJ

High-end innovative compact LED recessed downlight for accentuation lighting application, specially designed qualitative-smoothly curved reflector ensure better visual comfort with an optimum light output ratio, excellent glare control, high efficient LED COB offering >95 lm/W, SDCM<2, machined aluminium trim with powder-coated finishing, die-cast aluminium heat sink with sand black finishing, high reflectance aluminium reflector.

2700K 14 W 90+ 1280 lm INT06029-27K
3000K 1300 lm INT06029-30K
4000k 1350 lm INT06029-40K



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100% LED Technology

By proposing 100% LED Solutions for your projects, SWITCH MADE is a real partner for natural environment protection. By being a partner with Recylum, Switch Made respects the environment!

We commit on:

  • High quality LED chips and drivers
  • Integral respect of normative conformity with the CE label (European)
  • The availability of our entire catalog assortment in short delivery of time
  • A 3 – 5 years’ warranty for all our solutions (inclusive of driver)
  • GREEN BUILDING Label (with 1 LEED Platinum, 1 LEED Gold & Minergie-Eco labeled projects completed in the last 4 years)
  • An excellent Price/Value ratio

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