Rigid and delicate design weatherproof luminaire without any clips, smooth linearity with ease of installation, highly sealed for extreme weather conditions, high corrosion resistance, high quality opal PC diffuser, PC body offering IP65 protection against moisture, dust, corrosion, steel reflector base, durable  silicone rubber gasket, 3 pin fast-connector for fast-easy connection, plastic clips, integrated driver, delivered with metal surface mounting kit.


COMET PC – Sealed 600

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 20W 1800 lm EXT06137
4000K 20W 1900 lm EXT06136
6500K 20W 2000 lm EXT06135


COMET PC – Sealed 1200

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 40W 3600 lm EXT06140
4000K 40W 3800 lm EXT06139
6500K 40W 4000 lm EXT06138


COMET PC – Sealed 1500

Color temp. Power Lumens Code
3000K 60W 5400 lm EXT06143
4000K 60W 5700 lm EXT06142
6500K 60W 6000 lm EXT06141
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