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New Innovation Center for Maxon France

Beynost, France

The Maxon Group is reaffirming its initiatives in the French market. The drive specialist, headquartered in Switzerland, is investing EUR 10 million in an Innovation and Production Center for its sales company, Maxon France in Beynost near Lyon. The building, with a total area of 4200 square meters, provides space for 60 offices, a mechatronics production hall and among other things, a warehouse (900 m2).

For the illumination goals of this 10 million euro expensive building, Maxon uses nothing but economical LED technology. A combination of high-quality accentuation and decorative lighting solutions from SWITCH MADE were used around the main building.

Ceiling-suspended linear and rounded pendant lights with rotationally symmetrical light diffusion emphasise the impressive character of the reception and entrance area of the building.

Compact SWITCH MADE LED wall luminaires with light emission in two directions accentuate the visual appearance of the building. On the other side, a series of compact floodlights and bollard lights highlight driveways and paths as well as garden and landscape architecture as glare-free luminaires.

The offices inside the building were also illuminated using a series of SWITCH MADE fixed and adjustable accent lights delivering a combination of narrow and wide beam light distribution.

This arrangement of SWITCH MADE lights emphasizes both the architectural layout and the positive working environment of the Maxon France building.

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