Innovative and elegant mini spot light, best in class design and modularity series from PIXEL range, compact and quality appearance, rich texture and visual impact, high lumen efficiency reach to 100lm/W, micro reflector design (UGR<16), surface finish in white/black, with optional dimmable drivers.


Pixel Grid 1

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K2W176 lmINT08048
3000K2W188 lmINT08049
4000K2W200 lmINT08050


Pixel Grid 2

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K2 x 2W352 lmINT08051
3000K2 x 2W376 lmINT08052
4000K2 x 2W400lmINT08053


Pixel Grid 5

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K5 x 2W880 lmINT08054
3000K5 x 2W940 lmINT08055
4000K5 x 2W1000 lmINT08056


Pixel Grid 10

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K10 x 2W1760 lmINT08057
3000K10 x 2W1880 lmINT08058
4000K10 x 2W2000 lmINT08059


Pixel Grid 15

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
2700K15 x 2W2640 lmINT08060
3000K15 x 2W2820 lmINT08061
4000K 15 x 2W3000 lmINT08062
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