New innovative KAIDO family with modularity in choice of design and application, high-quality outdoor post-top lighting fixture, high efficiency and comfort uniform lighting distribution, <3 SDCM, precise and elegant illumination, high visual comfort, elegant form factor, self-cleaning, smooth surface, compact and ultra-thin die-cast aluminium body, clips design tool-free to open the housings, different types of mounting options, optional control modes, integrated driver, power-off protector, safe for maintenance, optional power model of 24W and 78W, designed for installation heights of 2.5m to 6.0m, delivered with 0.5m cable.


KAIDO P1 – 35 / P1 – 58

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K35 W/m4375 lmEXT13121
4000K35 W/m4550 lmEXT13122
3000K58 W/m7540 lmEXT13123
4000K58 W/m7830 lmEXT13124


KAIDO P2 – 35 / P2 – 58

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K35 W/m4375 lmEXT13125
4000K35 W/m4550 lmEXT13126
3000K58 W/m7540 lmEXT13127
4000K58 W/m7830 lmEXT13128


KAIDO P3- 35 / P3 – 58

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K35 W/m4375 lmEXT13129
4000K35 W/m4550 lmEXT13130
3000K58 W/m7540 lmEXT13131
4000K58 W/m7830 lmEXT13132
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