Durable, high sturdiness and robust ceiling/wall mounted luminaire, outstanding feature of this range is the option to have with 316L stainless steel mirror finish, with one directional or two directional options, wide choice of beam optics, extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminium housing, outdoor UV resistant powder coat finishing, 316L SS screws, fire resistant silicone seal waterproof gasket, 8mm thick toughened flush glass with trim, integrated driver, optional square version also available.



Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K6 W543 lmEXT05100
4000K6 W552 lmEXT05101
3000K15 W1341 lmEXT05102
4000K15 W1380 lmEXT05103


S-Tube – I

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K6 W483 lmEXT05104
4000K6 W510 lmEXT05105
3000K15 W1232 lmEXT05106
4000K15 W1290 lmEXT05107


S-Tube – II

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K2x 4W2x 315 lmEXT05108
4000K2x 4W2x 340 lmEXT05109
3000K2x 8 W2x 625 lmEXT05110
4000K2x 8W2x 680 lmEXT05111


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