CHROME – R 8/10/14

High efficient spot light with elegant optical design, housing made of machined aluminium with sand white/black powder-coated finishing, passive extruded aluminium heatsink ensuring better heat dissipation, high reflection ratio aluminium reflector, durable, SDCM<2, dimmable versions available, various beam angle choices.


Chrome 8 – R

Color temp.PowerCRILumensCode
2700K8W80+620 lmINT05020
3000K8W80+680 lmINT05021
4000K8W80+730 lmINT05022


Chrome 10 – R

Color temp.PowerCRILumensCode
2700K10W80+780 lmINT10062
3000K10W80+900 lmINT10063
4000K10W80+980 lmINT10064


Chrome 14 – R

Color temp.PowerCRILumensCode
2700K14W90+1256 lmINT05023
3000K14W90+1319 lmINT05024
4000K14W90+1320 lmINT05025


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