Innovative compact and robust wall mounted lighting application, high power LED with superior performance, fade and abrasion resistant design, solid and durable structural construction, no upward spillage of light, high visual comfort, available for wiring from inside the luminaire, aluminium alloy body offering high heat dissipation, asymmetric optic lens is designed to make effective solution for floor washing, passageway and security lighting in outdoor and industrial applications.


SAK 40

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K40 W4960 lmEXT06070
4000K40 W5080 lmEXT06071
5000K40 W5200 lmEXT06072


SAK 70

Color temp.PowerLumensCode
3000K70 W8850 lmEXT06073
4000K70 W8960 lmEXT06074
5000K70 W9100 lmEXT06075


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